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FS: Izhmash Left Handed 7-4 Rifle

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For sale, Izhmash Biathlon 7-4 lefty (LH) rifle for $2700.

Here are the details of the rifle:
- Eastern Sierra Armory Gen III Stock
- Altius Rear Sight riser adapter for Anschutz Rear Sight
- Anschutz Rear Sight
- Larsen blinder
- Fortner adjustable height front sight
- Larsen Biathlon small sling
- Altius Harness
- 4 magazines, I made larger baseplates so that it's easier to do a mag change with gloves on. I will include the original baseplates if you want to swap out.
- Custom bolt toggle for improved ergonomics, I will include the original toggle.
- Fischer Biathlon Bag

Rifle is pretty much race ready, all you need to do is get a cuff.

I can not figure out how to insert pics, so here is a link to a Google Album.

Pictures of Izzy LH 7-4