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Sal forwarded me this excellent video on rifle fitting, I recommend viewing.  We can work on these adjustments if anyone is in need, attend a practice and ask for help.

Thanks Sal:


wow, there are 10 aspects I could remember, not a simple process, ask for/get help.

-  length of pull (trigger and general alignment with rifle)

- front hand rest (for prone elbow angle and position height)

- cheek rest (for proper alignment of eye with sight and repeatability)

- rear hooks (for rifle natural point of aim in prone and offhand)

- sight position (on rail for proper eye relief to rear sight)

- offhand grip (height and rotation for natural grounded arm position)

- trigger weight (for legal pull and not excessive pull)

- location of relay rounds (for ease of use in each position)

- prone strap hook bungy (for release on exiting prone position)

- length and location of carry harness and straps (for easy removal and replace)