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I am considering buying a Mantis system. It appears that the X3 is the right one for me if I want feedback on my live fire as well as my dry fire, is that correct? What adapter do you suggest for connecting the Mantis to the barrel of my Izhmash? Anything else I need to buy? Thanks.

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Hi Bob, the X3 will work very well for you.  You won't need to buy an adapter because the Mantis system comes with one as well as spacers for the barrel. 

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Hi Bob,


Chiming in a bit late, but I went with the x10. I did it because I wanted to be able to use it for other shooting sports. Specifically Trap and Sporting Clays. I've also used it on pistols as well as I started doing IDPA competitions this summer. Overall it's a great device and I highly recommend it. It really helps with trigger pull, breathing, and movement. It's also super easy to setup and figure out. That's a major plus. It can't tell if you're on target or not which is the one draw back. For that you need something a bit more sophisticated. 


When COVID first hit and all the ranges were close I also went a bit nuts and bought a SCATT MX-W2. It's basically a Mantix plus an Optical Sensor that can see targets and knows where your shot would have landed or did land. It works both dry and live fire. I will try to get a separate post up on that one. It's about 10 times the Mantis in terms of capabilities, but it also comes with 10x the price and was generally very complicated to use (you used to have to haul a laptop to the range). If you asked me a few months ago I would say it's not worth it, but they just released an iPhone / Android app for it in early January. I've only used it a few times sense, but I'm impressed. They simplified things a lot and made it a lot easier to use. Still not sure it's worth the money, but I was really really bored back in April / May . . .


I will try to get a review up soon with some pictures. 





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All, I just picked up the Mantis. I’m getting poor results when I use it for live fire. It’s only picking up two or three shots. I have it dialed in pretty well for dry fire. Though sometimes it picks up the action cycling. Thanks, Ryan 

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Maybe talk to the guys @ Mantis, they were very quick getting back to me.  The 22lr we shoot is pretty tame, and likely the thresholds they set to avoid false positives in live fire are higher than your putting out, the next quietest likely caliber for them is handgun, prob 9mm. (no one shoots 7mm rifle anymore)  Or maybe you have a rock solid hold, and there is no measurable recoil on shots 🙂