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Bet Your Pride on World Championship Races

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Nothing focuses your attention on a race like betting on a race. Now, this is for fun, no money is involved, just pride, but let's see how well you know the sport. I've put together a spreadsheet where you can make your predictions on the World Cup Championship races. At the bottom of the spreadsheet you will see a tab for each race. Place your bet by filling in this spreadsheet.


Here are the rules:

- This is for fun, no money is involved, just bragging rights
- At the bottom of the page you will see a tab for each race
- You must make your prediction before midnight the day before the race. These races are run 6 hours ahead of us so it is too late to make a bet the day of the race.
- Dark Horse - which lower ranked country or person will be a surprise podium winner
- No cheating, this is on the honor system. Do not make any changes to other people's entries. No late entries.

- Make sure you put in a first name for racers that have siblings in the race, like JT Boe and T Boe
- Statisticians - feel free to compile stats on this data
- There are lots of betting sites on the internet where you can find odds, like this one


The first race is on Wednesday February 10. So place your bets by midnight of Tuesday February 9. I'll put a post in the IBU forum so we can carry on a discussion.


The loser has to do penalty loops!

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