HSC Biathlon Mission Statement

  • You will learn how to handle firearms safely in a biathlon environment.
  • You are welcome regardless of your physical skills or whether or not you own a gun.
  • You will receive guidance and coaching so you can compete at your highest level.
  • You will be prepared to compete at a regional and national level if you wish to do so.
  • You benefit from the generosity of the Harvard Sportmen’s Club and the biathlon program, please give back.

What this means to you:

Safety First: We put safety first, both firearm safety and health safety. 

Ability Levels:

  • If you are interested in biathlon, we will find a way for you to compete.
  • For those that are not skiers or runners we can adapt a race for you to walk, bike, or snowshoe. We just want you to fall in love with the sport. 


  • Our junior program uses laser rifles that enable young biathletes to learn biathlon without the concern of handling a real firearm.
  • For those without a rifle, we do not have a formal loaner rifle program, but many of our members will very generously let you use theirs.
  • If you find this sport is for you, you should take steps to get your own rifle.

Guidance and Coaching:

  • Our Junior program has an excellent structured training program. Young biathletes will learn all aspects of the sport such as handling a rifle properly, improving shooting technique, and racing strategy.
  • For our Masters racers you will find us to be a very welcoming group. We are happy to help you learn the sport. From time to time we have guest experts who can help you improve your skills.
  • We expect all athletes to compete to the highest level they are capable of. In this way you grow and you show gratification for the resources that have been made available to you.

Preparation for Other Venues:

  • We run our races in the most professional manner we can given the resources we have available to us.
  • We want you to be able to race at other venues and at higher levels.
  • We want you to be prepared for how a race day unfolds at regional and national levels.
  • We want you to have no surprises when you race elsewhere. 

Giving Back:  We are immensely fortunate to enjoy biathlon at the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club. The club makes it possible for members to safely enjoy shooting sports of all kinds. You are welcome as a guest and do not have to join the club to participate. However, if you find you are using the club’s resources significantly, we encourage you to join the club to show your appreciation. The biathlon program specifically depends upon you to help keep the program running. We need help on race day to set up the range and we need help with various work parties.