Covid 19 Protocols
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Covid 19 Protocols

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We have assured the club that we will do our best to safeguard the health of our participants, HSC members, and other visitors to HSC. While these procedures may not create the same race day experience that we are used to, we are fortunate to benefit from the hard work that the club has done to keep the club open and to keep everyone safe. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy our sport during these difficult times. We will conduct our races in the following manner.

- Anyone who has tested positive for Covid, been recently exposed to someone infected with Covid, or who is experiencing Covid symptoms must refrain from attending the race

- Racers will sign up for a time slot before the date of the race

- Guests may attend a race but may not sign up on their own or show up unannounced on the day of the race. The guest should be known ahead of time. They should contact to sign up for a race slot.

- A buffer time will be scheduled between time slots to minimize the number of people on the range

- Mats will be disinfected between races. A racer may bring their own mat or blanket to put over the range mat.

- Masks and social distancing rules must be followed. Spectators should be kept to a minimum.

- The participant will run the announced race on their own and record their time and shooting score and submit them for compilation with other racer's results.

- In Massachusetts head to head races are not allowed until Phase 4. Therefore, all races will be against the clock.